Yvonne Neuhuys Sutherland

Title: Nurse (Retired)
Company: Shasta County Office of Education
Location: Willows, California, United States

Yvonne Neuhuys Sutherland, a retired nurse, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of health care.

With a wealth of expertise to her credit, Ms. Sutherland enjoyed a fulfilling career in nursing that spanned many years, culminating in her role as a registered nurse at the Shasta County Office of Education in Redding, California, between 1985 and her retirement in 2003. In this capacity, she specialized in treating special education students, and was responsible for carrying out the orders of the school doctor. Previously, Ms. Sutherland had served as a hospital nurse at Mercy Hospital, after which she assisted in establishing the first Home Health Agency in Redding, California, alongside Linda Johnson. During this time, she specialized in geriatric medicine. 

Before embarking upon her professional journey, Ms. Sutherland was born in Indonesia, and traveled extensively during her youth before eventually immigrating to the United States. After settling in Salt Lake City, she proceeded to do well in school and earned a Sterling scholarship to attend Brigham Young University, from which she received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Following this accomplishment, she went on to engage in upper graduate studies at Sacramento State University and Chico State University. Eminently qualified in her field, Ms. Sutherland earned a registered nurse designation and was further certified as a public health nurse. 

Outside of her career pursuits, Ms. Sutherland cultivated a deep and abiding passion for various musical instruments, including the violin, harp, guitar, harmonica and piano – the latter of which she played for senior citizens at her local Senior Community Nutrition Center for several years, and at various churches throughout the area. Throughout the course of her life, she has garnered acclaim in the form of various certificates of recognition for her musical ability, as well as honors for her community service. Likewise dedicated to writing, Ms. Sutherland has authored two books – “Teacher, My Head Itches” and “My Life as a Modern Mormon Pioneer.” 

In accounting for her success, Ms. Sutherland largely credits her desire to love and serve others by leveraging her education, talents, and appreciation for various forms of creative expression. She has also strived to maintain a positive attitude, as well as a fundamental core of compassion and humility. Among her most cherished accomplishments, she is most proud to have cared for children, and to have ensured a safe and nurturing environment for their development. Looking toward the future, Ms. Sutherland aspires to travel abroad and learn a new language – already fluent in Dutch, French, English and Russian, she plans to add Spanish to her repertoire in the coming years. 

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