Joanne Blum-Carnevale

Title: Nurse Anesthetist
Company: Bridgeport Hospital
Location: North Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States

Joanne Blum-Carnevale, Nurse Anesthetist at Bridgeport Hospital, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in anesthetic practice.

With Bridgeport and New Milford Hospitals in Connecticut, Ms. Blum-Carnevale has provided superior care as a nurse anesthetist, an advanced practice nurse administering anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures and monitoring patients who are receiving and later recovering from anesthesia. She had obtained master’s degrees from University of Michigan and from Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1962.

Ms. Blum-Carnevale was inspired to enter her profession by her father, who was a physician, and her mother, a nurse. During her lengthy career, she has seen the whole series of growth of anesthesia. She loved it and she loved working with patients. Upon the occasion of her retirement, one of the doctors said that she helped the generation of children not to be afraid of anesthesia, as she would sing to them as they went to sleep. In addition, she took great pride in being able to help patients in emergency situations when a doctor was not present.

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