Laura L. Curry

Title: Retired Chief of Ambulatory Nursing
Company: U.S. Army
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Laura L. Curry, Retired Chief of Ambulatory Nursing at the U.S. Army, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in nursing.

From a young age, Ms. Curry knew she would become a missionary nurse. After graduating from high school, she earned a Master’s degree in nursing administration from the University of Texas. When deciding what sector of nursing to pursue, Ms. Curry felt called to work with the military. She enlisted with the U.S. Army, where she quickly demonstrated her aptitude for the field. She was later promoted to chief of ambulatory nursing, treating soldiers all over the world. She remembers her time in Vietnam to be one of her more pivotal life experiences. In 1992, Ms. Curry retired from service after many successful years of saving lives.

Reflecting on her illustrious career, Ms. Curry attributes her success to an abundance of hard work and dedication to her field. She was always passionate about her work as a nurse, which yielded a high success rate among her patients. She considers one of her most notable achievements to be her work in a once-small emergency room. Ms. Curry quickly saw the need for an expansion of the trauma room, as it was not big enough to care for the number of patients coming through the doors. Taking the task into her own hands, she enlisted some members of the maintenance crew to remove a few walls, consequently changing the entire layout of the room. Though nobody thought it could be done, Ms. Curry turned the once-struggling emergency room into an entirely efficient space that met the needs of both doctors and patients.

As a testament to her professional success, Ms. Curry received numerous awards from the U.S. Army. Though Ms. Curry is now retired, she fondly remembers her days as a nurse. Her work with the military was both exciting and fulfilling, as she found a true sense of team spirit, which was enjoyable. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two children and three grandchildren.

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