Mildred Virginia Hyett

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Title: (Retired) Office Nurse
Company: Barnesville Medical Center
Location: Barnesville, Ohio, United States

Mildred Hyett, Retired Office Nurse at Barnesville Medical Center, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Nurses for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the nursing profession.

Born in 1933, Ms. Hyett attended the Ruth Brant School of Nursing, where she earned a diploma in 1954. She is a Registered Nurse in the state of Ohio, and holds a certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support, which is a form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, or CPR. She is also a certified Advanced Cardiac Life Support provider, which requires a more complex understanding of more emergency situations, in addition to a working knowledge of emergency pharmacology.

Early on in her career as a nurse, Ms. Hyett worked at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida, where she spent over six months. She transitioned to a position at Barnesville Hospital in Ohio, working as a day supervisor, and later rose to the rank of head nurse. Continuing her career at the hospital, she took on a role as obstetrics supervisor, then home health staff nurse. In the final 20 years of her career, Ms. Hyett worked as an office nurse. She retired in 2011.

Ms. Hyett’s professionalism set her apart from her colleagues, and led her to many supervisory positions, as her reliability and stability helped her to be a more efficient and effective nurse. She demanded respect through her professional and measured demeanor, and was a mentor to other nurses, often without even realizing the positive example she was setting. Once, Ms. Hyett received a thank-you letter from a co-worker who considered her a mentor—she hadn’t ever considered herself as a mentor to this nurse, but through her behavior, she inspired and influenced her coworkers each and every day.

Growing up, Ms. Hyett’s mother wanted her to be a nurse. Initially, she wanted to work as a school teacher, but after her mother’s encouragement, she attended nursing school. Currently, she is a member of the Ruth Brant School of Nursing Alumni Association. Her favorite parts of her career were working as a home health nurse, and taking care of very sick patients. First and foremost, she always tried to focus on the patients’ needs and desires, and as a home health nurse, she enjoyed developing a personal relationship with many of her patients. Ms. Hyett’s success, dedication, and experience solidify her as an elite member of the nursing profession.

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